Preliminary study on ethnobotanical plants in Campania region (Italy)

Muoio R. and B. Menale. 2001. Preliminary study on plants used in ethnobotanical veterinary medicine in Campania region (Italy). Paper submitted to the Third International Congress of Ethnobotany 'Etnobotanica Napoli 2001 - Ethnobotany in the Third Millennium: Expectations and Unresolved Issues', Naples, Italy - September 22-30, 2001.

Ethnoveterinary plants had an important rule in the agricultural society in the past century and nowadays some of these plants are still used in the rural communities. In the Botanical Garden of Naples a preliminary study of the traditional veterinary plants in Campania has been carried out. We started our work by interwieving ancient people; thanks to their information we have found about 40 wild species belonging to different families used in ethnoveterinary. Different kinds of animals (ovine, bovine, pets) are treated and different types of illness are considered. Many plants are used in different ways to obtain decoctions and poultices. To strength the oral information a microbiological study has been undertaken, in collaboration with the Department of Physiology, Section of Microbiology of the University of Naples, and they are still in progress. The first results demonstrate that in some cases the use of plants is lacking of medicinal benefits, especially as far as the antibiotic effects it regards.


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